Need a Trading Psychology Coach?

I help traders struggling with discipline and emotional trading by addressing the root causes of self-sabotaging behaviors. 

How A Trading Psychology Coach Can Help

🧠 Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Identify and reprogram negative beliefs that hold you back from taking profitable risks.

🌱 Cultivate Resilience

Build emotional resilience and overcome fear of failure to thrive in dynamic market conditions.

📈 Optimize Performance

Fine-tune your trading mindset to execute strategies with confidence and precision.

🔑 Behavioral Insights

Uncover hidden patterns and triggers that impact your trading decisions.

About Me

I’m Jonathan Turpin, a crypto enthusiast, investor, trader, and certified behavioral coach with over two decades of experience in counseling and personal development.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping a number of traders overcome some nasty habits that sabotage trading success.

How can I help?

What sets me apart from many trading psychology coaches is my experiential process, coupled with my own experience as a trader, and having a proven track-record in behavioral change. 

I’m uniquely qualified to provide coaching and deep work (therapy), based on best practice and a thorough understanding of trading psychology (which is often counter-intuitive, and only known to experienced traders).

Some of the tools I use:

Trading Psychology Coaching Feedback

"I've been trading for years, but I always struggled with fear and hesitation when it came to making bold moves.

Jonathan's unique blend of trading psychology and The Lefkoe Method helped me get rid of some beliefs that other practitioners could not find, because they weren't traders themselves.

I've seen a significant improvement in my confidence and consistency as a trader. Highly recommend his services!"
Mark S.
“What I measure is my equity curve. If it goes up then that means whatever I'm doing is working.

It's been going up steadily since we started working together.

Other areas of my life have also improved significantly which I attribute to the work we've been doing. It's unrelated to trading, but it's added quality to my life. Thank you Jonathan!!!

You're really doing something special.”
Sally M.
"I was struggling with emotional swings and indecision in my trading until I started working with Jonathan.

His compassionate approach and effective techniques helped me gain clarity and control over my trading mindset.

Through our sessions, I reframed limiting beliefs and developed a more positive relationship with discipline. I follow my trading plan and my trading rules at least 95% of the time now, up from 25%.

Thanks to Jonathan, I now approach trading with greater confidence and consistency. Working with him is a very rewarding experience."
Paul G.


Working with me costs less than over-trading, going past max loss, revenge trading, and gambling.
On the up side, you'll gain at least 10x this in real value - peace of mind, personal growth and an upward sloping equity curve.
$ 797 Monthly
  • 4 Weekly sessions of around 90-120 minutes each
  • On-going support by email between sessions
  • Genuine accountability system than keeps you on track
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