Change Can Be Easy - Just Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs With A Lefkoe Method Coach

Hi. I’m Jonathan Turpin, a Behavioral Change Specialist. The Lefkoe Method has been a cornerstone of my coaching practice since 2009. I’ve done hundreds of sessions with people wanting to change their lives for the better, and I have been trained in many belief clearing methods including CBT, NLP, Psych-K, EFT, The Belief Closet Process (Clear Beliefs Method), The Work by Byron Katie, MindShifting and many more.

The Lefkoe Method is by far the most effective. When done right, the results are immediate, with long lasting positive results, and are very likely permanent.

Is there something in your life you’ve always wanted to change, but nothing you’ve tried seemed to work? Or have you made changes before, but you could not make them last?

Over 30 years ago Morty Lefkoe was in the same boat you are. He’d spent thousands of dollars to change his life and read books, did psychotherapy and attended seminars without producing many of the changes he wanted.

Fortunately, Mr Lefkoe and his wife, Shelley, created a structured method that allowed us to make all the changes we wanted. And this same process—which has been used by over 150,000 people since it was created—will allow you to target specific behaviors or emotions, such as fear of failure, feelings of anger, or procrastinating on tasks important to you … and then eliminate them.

This process usually takes just a few hours spread out over days or weeks, during which time you will see gradual improvement until your problem has been completely eliminated.

This process is called The Lefkoe Method … and it works because it addresses the true causes of both our behaviors and our emotions.
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Prior to working with the Lefkoe Method I had a lot of hidden beliefs that were in the way of my success and our business goals. Although I was confident at certain tasks and I knew how to act confident, deep down I rarely felt it. The Lefkoe Method has boosted my confidence (and our business success) beyond what I thought was possible. I have eliminated my anxiety about speaking in public, selling our programs, and creating the success I have always dreamed of.

Why Most Efforts At Change Are Doomed To Failure?

Most efforts at change just don’t work in the long term because they don’t address the true cause of our difficulties. For example, John wanted to stop procrastinating. So he decided to do the following:

► Keep a chart showing how he was using his time;
► Reward himself for getting a certain number of hours of work done each day;
► Tell others about his goal to keep him accountable.

So let’s see what happened to John.

He noticed that during his first few days he was off to a good start. He kept his chart and just keeping records seemed to keep him focused on being productive.

At the end of the day he’d treat himself to leisure reading or an ice cream cone as a reward.

He told a friend about his goal and his friend was very encouraging.

But by the next week he’d started to falter. He kept forgetting to keep the chart. He got frustrated when he couldn’t reward himself at the end of the day. And he started ducking the calls from the friend he told about his goal.

In two weeks John was back where he started … except a little worse … because he felt terrible that once again he had failed.

What Happened To John?

Beliefs are what happened to John. Let me explain.

When John went to the Lefkoe Institute he had no idea why his efforts at change kept failing. He said, “Maybe I just can’t change.” And during their first conversation the facilitator could see why John felt that way. He’d tried so many times to change. He’d bought books and CD’s, and he attended expensive seminars. Each time he was motivated for a while but the glow would fade and his life would be right back where it started.

Step 1: Clearly define the pattern of behavior and/or emotion

So they first helped John find out how he was procrastinating so they could help him discover the beliefs in his way. He told them that he’d start out really motivated to implement a change plan but as soon as something went wrong—like forgetting to keep his chart—instead of problem-solving, he started to feel hopeless. Even the prospect of a daily reward couldn’t overcome this feeling for him. And he couldn’t bear to tell his friend that he was failing so he just avoided him.

It’s almost like John was trapped by his behavior pattern.

Step 2: Find ALL of the beliefs causing the behavior pattern

They helped John find what specific beliefs were causing this repeating pattern of behavior. One of his beliefs was “Nothing I do is good enough” and another was “Nothing I do will work out.” So when he noticed he wasn’t keeping to his plans he would get confirmation that what he does really won’t work out and that nothing he does is good enough so he’d start to lose motivation. Another was “What makes me good enough or important is doing things perfectly.” This belief made him afraid to start anything because if it wasn’t perfect, it would mean there was something basically wrong with him.

Step 3: Eliminate the beliefs

Once they found these beliefs they helped John eliminate them. After eliminating the first belief, John was still very skeptical. How can it be so easy? They told him they couldn’t guarantee that the process will always be easy for him but that with 27 years of experience they know it does work.

The hardest part would be answering the questions—some of which can be challenging to answer—but they assured him they would guide him each step of the way until the beliefs causing his procrastination were eliminated.

They worked together for several weeks. During this time, John got rid of several other beliefs such as:

Mistakes and failures are bad;
If I make a mistake or fail I’ll be rejected;
I’m not capable;
I’m not competent;
I’m stupid;
I’m a failure.

And as he got rid of these beliefs he noticed gradual changes. He was starting more things. Although he would get frustrated or feel down when he made a mistake, it would be less intense and not last as long.

But by the end he was sailing through his responsibilities. He was completing his work without an internal battle; he was at peace and really enjoying his work.

That was 7 years ago. The last time they spoke to John he was starting a new business while keeping his old job until he could make enough to support himself without the job. This is something John could never have done before.

In our practice we’ve had many Johns. And when you have a competent and experienced Lefkoe Method Facilitator like me take you through all three steps that John went through, your life will change as well.
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In the first 15 minutes I was absolutely sure it was going to fail.

I had a real problem in my life and it was in the area of relationship. And it hurt me, it really hurt me. It was a failed relationship that I was carrying around, I was obsessing and it was depriving me of forming a new relationship.
I spent an hour with Morty over the phone. In the first 15 minutes I was absolutely sure this process was going to fail. And I was creating and rehearsing a little speech that I was going to give him at the end of the hour to say “excuse me this doesn’t work.” And after 40 minutes I said to him “Morty I don’t need the hour. I got it.” She moved out of my mind. I’m a free man. I’ve been carrying her around for three years and she’s gone I feel so blessed.

Scientific Proof The Lefkoe Method Works

It’s extremely rare that personal growth methods are tested scientifically. I can only guess why.

However, they knew that letting independent researchers test their method on a specific problem using a double-blind study—the gold standard in scientific research—was the only way they could show reasonable people how effective the Lefkoe Method is.

So back in 2004 when Dr. Lee Sechrest, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, said he would be willing to study The Lefkoe Method’s ability to help people with a fear of public speaking, they said yes without hesitation.

IThey knew that if this study showed that TLM could help people overcome a lifelong fear of public speaking, it would show that TLM can help people overcome all the fears that hold them back.

At the beginning of the study, the scientists divided 37 people into two groups. Members of both groups rated their fear at a level of 7 or above on a scale of 1-10, in which 10 is extreme fear and 1 is no fear at all. One group went through the processes from the The Lefkoe Method. The second group did not.

After the first group completed an average of 3.3 hours with a Lefkoe Method Facilitator their average rating of fear had gone from 7 to 1.5—a significant reduction. The second group experienced no improvement despite the fact that they were attending Toastmasters meetings regularly.

We then had the second group also eliminate their beliefs with The Lefkoe Method. Their fear was eliminated as well.

And to make sure the results were not a short term fluke, Dr. Sechrest and his team followed up with both groups six months later. And here’s what he found.

We had expected that the fear would come back but it didn’t. They had, in fact, changed. Their fear of public speaking was gone.

These study results were published in the peer-reviewed journal, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, because the results are solid enough to gain the attention of respected scientists.

Here’s what just one member of that study had to say about the results he got… from a statement made nearly two years AFTER the study was completed.

I don’t feel the anxiety I did before …
Two years after I went through this methodology, it’s fantastic. It’s changed my life. I used to feel when I was in front of people a general feeling of anxiety and fear – sweaty palms, sweaty brow, my voice would quiver, my stomach would tie up in knots. The way I feel now after doing The Lefkoe Method is I don’t feel the anxiety I did before whether in a one-to-one conversation or a group. I feel much more confident. I don’t feel a sense of urgency, a sense of anxiety, or a sense of fear. I just feel kind of an excitement. And it really doesn’t matter as much who I’m talking to or the demeanor of who I’m talking to. If they’re friendly, great. If they are not so friendly, I can read that and understand where they’re coming from but it does not reduce my sense of confidence.

What this means for you is that the process that helped 37 people in the study and over 3496 people they’ve worked with who had a fear of public speaking can help you with your specific issue as well.

Lefkoe method clients have resolved all types of relationship issues, overcome career barriers, significantly reduced stress, stopped sexual problems, eliminated negative feelings like anxiety and anger, stopped their obsessive concern with what others think, stopped their negative self-talk, and gotten rid of many other problems.

I have struggled with feelings of claustrophobia when driving on highways all my adult life. The work we did with eliminating the beliefs attached to the problem has been fantastic. For the past two weeks I have been driving on the highways again without symptoms. What a relief! I have also felt a growing inner peace from the work. The low grade chronic restlessness that used to drive me to over function is gone. I now look forward to any feeling that might come up and suggest another belief I can clean up. As I move through the DVD, I am enjoying the growing lightness that comes from letting go of this inner baggage. Great Stuff! Thanks!

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Here’s What To Do Next

To see if The Lefkoe Transformation is right for you, book a free strategy call with me.  During the free strategy session, I’ll help you get clear on your goals, the actions you need to take to reach them and the inner obstacles holding you back.

I’ve had many clients tell me that they only wish they had started working with me sooner.

Why did I wait this long. Why didn’t I do this sooner?
I think TLM allowed me to focus directly on the issue of not speaking in front of groups. I’ve done a lot of growth work, seminars, workshops, retreats, reading. And it’s all been wonderful. But the focus on actually unlocking the little locks that were keeping me from speaking. To untether those little strings that were holding me back. To focus on the beliefs that were keeping me from speaking to a group of people.
It was simple, elegant, painless and fast.
In a way it was like why did I wait this long, why didn’t I do this sooner?

Will You Lower Your Sights And Give Up On Your Goals, Or Try Something That Could Change Your Life?

Now that you know that The Lefkoe Method can help you make lasting changes in your behavior and emotions, you have a choice. You can choose to let things remain as they are … keep living with the same old destructive habits, fears and unaccomplished goals—or you can choose to use The Lefkoe Method to eliminate the beliefs that keep you from dissolving fear, going after your goals and experiencing the sense of limitless possibility you get when you drop your inner barriers to happiness and fulfillment.

You can choose to contact me to schedule your free strategy session so that you can take your next steps to creating lasting change in your life.

It is an honour and a privilege for me to to be able to continue the work of Morty Lefkoe, who created this process and shared it with us.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jonathan Turpin, Lefkoe Method Facilitator and general belief clearing wizard.

What Does The Lefkoe Method Cost?

It costs a lot less than staying the same, and dealing with the same problem behaviors, year after year.

As much as I am a fan of the Lefkoe Method of work of Morty Lefkoe, it’s only a part of what I do.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

There are many tools and methods to solve problems. A lot has changed since Morty’s work was originally brought to the public, and as such, I have evolved my own methods of clearing beliefs, that work faster and more reliably.

Many people contact me after using the Lefkoe Natural Confidence program, but are just not getting the results they want. The reason for this is that the mind shuts down after a few repetitions of the process. I have solved this problem and can ensure that you will get the result that the Natural Confidence program promises.

As for pricing, I have special rates for long terms programs of personal development and guaranteed outcomes, so reach out to me if that’s something you are interested in. Please see my Fees and Programs page for more details of current offerings.

— Side note —

A lot of my clients are traders in stocks, forex and crypto. If you’ve ever tried to become a successful trader, you may already know it’s the one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in your lifetime. The amount of self-control, self-discipline and emotional regulation required to be consistently profitable in trading is immense. And because I enjoy working with people that are highly motivated to succeed, I’ve refined my work to help traders achieve their personal transformation goals.
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PS. The Lefkoe Institute has an online version of the process and you can eliminate one belief for free.