He’s logical, analytical and compassionate… very empathetic and I feel that he genuinely cares about my own personal development and growth. Flexible and accommodating.

…a very positive experience. Unlike other coaches, we get to the core of the problem very quickly, and resolve it very quickly, which leaves me with very positive, inspired and motivated result.

After a session I feel that I can take on the world.

I highly recommend Jonathan.

jody kate

I suffered with anxiety, depression and binge eating.

… was skeptical because I’ve had sessions with psychiatrists, but always found myself in the same position.

Jonathan’s coaching helped me and the changes were instant… I feel like a better person…three months and no binge eating, I quit smoking, and I lost 10kg of bodyfat.

I feel calmer and easily handle everyday stresses. It really just clicks, and then the change happens – instantly.

It’s hard to believe unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, and I have.

I highly encourage you to make it true for you and do the program like I did.


Jonathan helped me to find and clear my limiting beliefs around money, wealth and financial abundance in 2009.

The experience was incredibly liberating. After the process I felt immediately lighter and that something heavy had been lifted from my space.

Within a few months my salary had tripled.

Within a few years I was earning more than many of my peers and my income was in the top 5% of earners in the country.

Now I have my own business and money is never a concern for me. Dr Wayne Dyer used to say ” Making money is like going to a well that never dries out. There’s always more where that came from.", and that’s how I feel now.

And I don’t need to work hard for money. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.


Jonathan is very intuitive and non-judgmental.

Extremely knowledgeable, with a wealth of information.

Well practiced with many tools to draw on.

He instinctively knows which process to use and when… and has my best interests at heart.

… things I’ve wanted to handle have been completely obliterated, they’re not even an issue anymore.

Fabian K., Netherlands

I’ve worked with Jonathan for the last couple of months.

What I've noticed in his coaching is his consistent care for his clients.

If it’s about texting you regularly, asking how you are doing, double-checking your needs or making the session as long as needed...  he goes all the way to make sure you get what you need, even if it means he has to read a book about your issues.

 Unlike some other therapists, his effort never fades, no matter how long you are under his care.

If you are ready for the next level, this man will rocket-launch you in the life you deserve to live.


I was looking for some help with the Lefkoe Method and I found Jonathan Turpin online. We had a call and I got good vibes from him.

We did a few sessions using the Lefkoe Method, and they were so successful that I recommended him to my wife and she was very happy with the results as well.

He is also very effective for coaching and he helped me with more than limiting beliefs, but also goal setting, and personal development.

What I really appreciate is that he's able to spot things that you can’t see by yourself. He knows what to ask to find the hidden beliefs. That's priceless. 

bernt rutkowski

…went far beyond just mere friendliness and efficiency; one can feel a personal caring, and it feels like talking to an old friend.

I would highly recommend Jonathan Turpin as a belief clearing facilitator.


For me all sessions are different, it starts with a general conversation and slowly we dive into the matter of the day, guided by Jonathan's questions, getting deeper and deeper into the unconscious. 

He adapts to the session, choosing amongst the many processes he knows, the best one for the day.

There is one process, in particular, that I’ve enjoyed which enabled me to accept, embrace and be grateful for what one of my "personalities" allowed me to accomplish. It brought me understanding and self-forgiveness, releasing negative energy, freeing positive energy to move on, to break free.

All “problems” we’ve touched on were known to me and I thought I had done a good assessment and work on them, but obviously not. Only the conscious part of these trauma had been looked at and some serious left over were still in the unconscious. 

Jonathan is very experienced; he is very patient, very respectful of the person, the trauma, the healing. He holds a safe, trusting space allowing you to go through all the steps of process.

I had sessions where I cried uncontrollably, sessions where I could feel every inch of my body resisting the process. He has always found the way to go through the healing process.

I have also much appreciated the fact that he makes sure that the process is completed, not leaving me in limbo, in partial distress. He makes sure to allow enough time for that. 

There was one session that was very difficult, each step was a massive hurdle, I needed a lot of guidance, support from him which I got, it resulted in a very long uncomfortable session, but in the end we got there and I felt a massive relief. I left the session much lighter and happier.

Overall, what I have achieved is massive for me: I am now completely happy where I am right now in current times. I can observe the world, the ups and downs and keep walking through knowing all is well. I don’t force myself into action; I allow patiently things to unfold. It may seem simple but it is a massive shift for me. 


Hi Jonathan

Just to let you know that I found this exercise to be amazingly helpful! I feel like it has cleared a huge block and I feel lighter and much more motivated. I think it was the culmination of all the belief clearing we’ve done, really just taking away that extra layer and providing the clarity I needed!

I am so thrilled about this and am thankful that your intuition led us to this, every step of the way! I can’t wait to do more on this. I have shared it with my partner and he loved it too.

We both are feeling so much more purposeful! I feel like I have gained acceptance through it and am no longer resisting everything. It feels like a natural flow instead of a fight, even when doing the same old stuff! It’s incredible. Just thought I’d shoot you a quick mail to say a huge thank you.


Case Study: Introduction

I did a few sessions with kayra who was was not making any improvements even after many sessions in regular therapy and taking mood medication.

Kayra suffered from depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.

after three sessions, she had made significant improvements.

two years later, the results and gains proved to be stable.

My experience with Jonathan was one of complete and unconditional acceptance. His attitude helped me persevere through the process, helping me feel safe and confident to continue digging deeper.

I honestly did not expect such a paradigm shift! His overall energy was one of safety, acceptance and healing.

I am definitely an advocate of Jonathan and his work, I don’t think there is a single person who would not benefit from doing the belief clearing process.

Listen to what she said after the first session below.

Case Study: Session 1

kayra - psychology student

The experience through the process began with me feeling guarded and as though I had to force myself to recall experiences that were buried very deep in my unconscious. The process was uncomfortable at first, but as I became more familiar with the process of distinguishing between certainty and belief, it became easier and I was more in-touch with the parts of my Self.

Although this comfort increased, it was challenging to stay in the mode of introspection. However, due to Jonathan’s care and persistence, I was able to remain in the state of vulnerability.

I processed the feelings of overwhelming self-pity and rationale. Actually acknowledging the emotions, although challenging, felt right; as though I was finally giving myself time to process and to truly feel (instead of resisting).

Through stating to myself aloud, “I am not good enough”, at the beginning of and then again at the end of the session I can definitely report a strong shift in my attitude towards this belief – so much so that I can say my response in terms of physiology, emotion and perception has completely flipped.

From strongly negative, to a lack of response at all. At the end of the session, I feel my psyche rewarded my efforts in a way that is not best described in words.

I feel open, I feel aware and I feel happy, giggly and excited.

All of this after just one session. I’m in anticipation to continue this work in order to make it a part of my being, my life and all those around me.

Case Study: Session 2

kayra - psychology student

The process was easier the second time around. I was able to isolate memories more efficiently and really feel them. The ‘click’ of emotion from negative to positive occurred earlier but more gradually, as the process helped me understand where the belief stemmed from.

My experience with Jonathan was great, it was comfortable and completely guided, leaving no room for hesitation or self doubt and defense.

I’m very excited about recommending this process with Jonathan to most people I know.

Case Study: Session 3

kayra - psychology student

Having been in 3 sessions so far, the process has really begun to produce a major shift in my life, in my thought patterns and my frame of reference.

While it is uncomfortable to delve into the feelings that I normally run from screaming or hide from self-destructively, the energy shift that takes place during the process relevant to a given session makes all of the effort, discomfort and pain very worth while.

The change of emotions, from negative to humorous, when regarding things I once took very seriously is truly liberating. While any therapy or process relatable to the one at hand is difficult, I have never quite experienced such an immediate and lasting result as from this specific process.

I think it should be a top choice for anyone wanting to change their feelings and behaviors long term, to take part in this belief clearing process.

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