Become a Belief Coach

Become a Belief Clearing Coach

By Jonathan Turpin

November 16, 2021

Become a Belief Coach

Become a Belief Clearing Coach

By Jonathan Turpin

November 16, 2021

How to become a Belief Clearing Coach

Do you want to help other’s to eliminate limiting beliefs? Maybe become a professional coach that specializes in rapid change. Then becoming a belief clearing coach would be a top choice.


Belief Coach Certification – Do you need it?

Is it necessary to become certified in a coaching methodology, like belief clearing?

In the last 20 years I’ve seen a few “solutions” to limiting beliefs and almost all of them were ineffective for me and my clients long term. 

Things like saying the belief backwards while dancing around like a monkey and speaking in a goofy voice (I did that enthusiastically), and tapping your face and hands (EFT), even guided imagery and imagine burning the belief in a fire, etc. They can work in the moment to distract you from the belief, but it’s not a permanent solution.

If you’re going to be a REAL belief clearing coach, you need to know what works and what does not. I’d recommend doing a lot of reading on the subject, and at least 2 or 3 trainings from different perspectives.

Let’s review some of the claims of belief clearing methods and their creators, that I have studied and tested over the last 20 years.

  1. Psych-K, created by Rob Williams in 1988
  2. Theta Healing, created by Viana Stibal in 1995
  3. Clear Belief Method, created by Lion Goodman
  4. The Lefkoe Method, created by Morty Lefkoe
  5. John Bligh-Nutting, Core Belief Balances

Does Psych-K work to get rid of unconscious beliefs?

The PSYCH-K® marketing material claims that the process works quickly and effectively because the changes take place at the level of the subconscious mind.

According to them, this is possible thanks to the Whole brain state created by doing techniques called  PSYCH-K balances.

The changes are then measured using kinesiology muscle tests. Further claims are that the the results are permanent and often felt immediately.

Rob Williams claims to have channeled this information from “the universe”, and his organization charges about $700 (in 2023) to teach anyone interested in learning the basic process. The actual “balance process” takes about 2 minutes. There are multiple levels, and the higher you go, the higher the prices. 

My rating of Psych-K:

  1. Effective, 3/10
  2. Scientifically validated, 1/10
  3. How long do results last, 3/10
  4. Value for the Price, 3/10
  5. Cult Alarm Triggered, 8/10
  6. Overall, 3/10

Why such a low rating? Before you scream at me that it has changed your life, let me tell you my experience with it.

I first heard about Psych-K from Bruce Lipton, the author of Biology of Belief, and he gave the technique such a great review that I had to find out about this magic process. And I did.

Psych-K is basically a process based on good personal development concepts, and faith. Muscle testing is used extensively during the process.

The problem I have with applied kinesiology, or muscle testing,  is it has been scientifically scrutinized and found to be worthless. The outcomes are slightly better than random.

For two years, I was blindly faithful to the muscle testing club, believing everything my guru taught me and I practiced these magic balances almost every day.

My suspicions and questions about things that didn’t add up were handled with thought-stopping answers, much like in a cult. 

Example: A group of 10 muscle testing experts were asked to assess the same person for a hidden belief. They all came up with a different answer! 

The explanation from the guru: “when your energy field, and the energy field of the client combine, depending on your level of consciousness, and the movement of the stars at that exact moment, that will be your answer. And since everyone is different, you will never get the same answer.”

Of course, this makes sense if you’ve just paid a lot of money, and there are no refunds. But if you’re objective and impartial, this is utter nonsense.

Well I believed that nonsense, not because it was true, but because I wanted to. You see my business and my livelihood depended on me believing a lie. And I knew it.

That being said, if you’re convinced that it works, then it will most likely work for you. I’ve had pleasurable experiences with this kind of process in the past, and many people rave about it changing their lives. 

But is it wise to gamble with something so important, including your time and money, on something that relies on muscle testing as a basis for it working, by a practitioner trained online or a two day workshop?

Final thoughts on Psych-K:

It’s overpriced, has secret commands that nobody has ever published, and the legal document you have to sign to become a practitioner is frightening. It reminds me a lot of Scientology and the cult alarm has been triggered. 

Again, in defense of Psych-K and all the honorable practitioners using it to the best of their ability, many people are very happy doing Psych-K and getting what they want from it. All love and blessings to them. 

I just cannot recommend it if you want to be taken seriously as a belief clearing practitioner.

Does Theta Healing work to get rid of Limiting Beliefs?

I recently read a book called Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal,  because the author spoke about getting rid of limiting beliefs as a core part of her process.

I followed along and performed the meditations as per the book. The experience was pleasant enough, and if you like different kinds of meditation, or looking for a kind of spiritual self-healing, then Theta Healing is worth looking into.

In conclusion:

There is some value in the meditation part especially if you get the audible version, which I thought was really great, but, from my experience with hundreds of clients, Theta Healing’s version of belief clearing is not good enough to recommend. 

It’s basically a guided visualization and prayer. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. Clearly many people think it’s amazing and are getting benefits, but for belief clearing, it misses the mark.

I enjoyed parts of the book as well, so if you want to check out the Theta Healing series of books by Viana Stibal for yourself, you can find them here  on Amazon.

My rating of Theta Healing for getting rid of Limiting Beliefs:

  1. Effective, 2/10
  2. Scientifically validated, 1/10
  3. How long do results last, – I don’t know.
  4. Value for the Price, 3/10
  5. Cult Alarm Triggered, 3/10
  6. Overall, 2/10

Belief Clearing Practitioner Training by Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones

Years ago I bought a training by Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G Jones called Belief Clearing Practitioner training. After reviewing the entire course I felt let down and betrayed by Dr. Joe, because he knows that the Lefkoe Method works brilliantly, yet he would rather make a buck creating his own program that excludes Morty’s techniques, instead of really helping people.

This program was just a little better than total garbage from start to finish, in my opinion. I kept looking for something credible or effective, but that never came. It was all fluff and an upsell to more expensive and even more useless information products. 

The warning signs are the price of $39 and the 95% off sales pitch. Go have a laugh and see for yourself if you like.

My assessment of this course:

Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones failed to deliver real solutions for getting rid of limiting beliefs, but pretend to be the experts. 

If you have $39 to spend on research, of for entertainment purposes, then go for it. But please don’t make the mistake of taking what they’re teaching seriously, or expect to get genuine, life changing results from this so-called “Belief Clearing Practitioner Certification”.

My rating of Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones Belief Clearing Practitioner course:

  1. Effective, 2/10
  2. Scientifically validated, 3/10
  3. How long do results last, 3/10
  4. Value and Price – 3/10
  5. Cult Alarm Triggered, 2/10
  6. Overall, 3/10

Clear Beliefs Coach Training by Lion Goodman

One of the courses I would recommend looking into is Lion Goodman’s work called Clear Beliefs Coach Training. I have not personally done this course, but I have reviewed the prospectus, attended his webinars, and I think it will be a good investment for the right person.

I’ve read his work and listened to one of his older training programs, and even though in principle I don’t agree that his approach is the best, I do believe that Lion Goodman is honest and sincere. Furthermore his understanding of beliefs and how they work is unparalleled. I would say his knowledge and expertise ranks him among the best in the world.

I learnt a lot from Lion Goodman, so that would be a good place to start. This course could suit someone starting from the beginning, as the curriculum is quite detailed. 

Here is an extract from the prospectus for the training, 2022/3

Lessons and Principles of Level 1 

• An Introduction to Beliefs and Consciousness
• What Beliefs Are & How They Function
• Where Beliefs Come From
• Types of Beliefs
• Karma and Beliefs
• Understanding Human Behavior
• The Creation Cycle and the Resistance Cycle
• Adverse Childhood Experiences – How Trauma Impacts Our Lives
• Unmet Needs: The Source of Our Core Wounds
• How We Form Behavioral Strategies
• The Process of Manifestation
• How Beliefs Impact the Ability to Manifest
• How to Handle Resistance and Obstacles
• Become the Creator of Your Life

Lessons and Principles in Level 2
• Being a Guide
• Words, Language and Perception
• How the Subconscious Communicates
• Principles of the Body, Mind and Attention
• The Role of Appreciation
• Embodied Mindfulness
• Creating Healthy Boundaries
• Understanding Memory
• Principles of Finding Core Beliefs
• Getting to the Deepest Core Beliefs
• Surprises in the Belief Closet
• Modifying the BeliefCloset Process for Children

Lessons and Principles in Level 3

• Identity and Identification
• Attachment Theory and Attachment Styles
• Working with Family, Cultural and Karmic Beliefs
• Healing Collective Beliefs and Traumas
• Working with Individual and Collective Trauma
• Working with Parts and Inner Voices
• Updating and Upgrading Inner Parts
• The Fundamentals of Integrity
• Connecting to Your Higher Power
• Virtues, Vices and Values
• Coaching from Virtues
• Optimizing Your Work with Clients
• Endings and Beginnings

Here is the link to do your own research. Clear Beliefs Coach Training Prospectus PDF download

Since I have already studied and practiced most of what Lion Goodman teaches, I probably will not do the course because it does come with a sizable price tag of $8,997 in 2023. To get a nice discount and early bird pricing, simply attend a webinar when he does a launch, which is every 3-4 months, and you could get started for $7,497. A payment plan is available as well.

My rating of Clear Beliefs Coach Training (from what I can find on the website – I have not done the course):

  1. Effective, 8/10
  2. Scientifically validated, 7/10
  3. How long do results last, 7/10
  4. Value for the Price, 6.5/10 
  5. Cult Alarm Triggered, No
  6. Overall, 7/10

Certied Lefkoe Method Practitioner Training

This is the one I would recommend if you’re already a coach, therapist, counsellor or have a good level of comfort and confidence doing 1 on 1 sessions, in person, on the phone or online with something like zoom. 

There are three levels to the training, and the first course (level 1) is enough to get you to a fairly high level, so you can get amazing results for your clients. 

And the price makes it a pretty good deal, at only $1295. 

Here is the link to read more about it

However, to become a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator (certified awesome by the Lefkoe Institute) requires quite a lot more. You’ll need to go through all 3 levels of the training, and then submit a portfolio of evidence, recordings of your sessions,  and work under the supervision as well. The total investment to reach this level is several hundred hours, and about $10,000. 

So you before you do that, ask yourself…

What kind of Belief Clearing Coach do you want to be?

You also have to ask yourself, what kind of belief clearing practitioner do you want to be? Do you want to be excellent and able to get outstanding results with close to 100% of clients? Or do you want to get started as a career or an “add-on” to existing coaching or therapy practice?

For me, the major driver behind my consistent search for the best belief clearing and elimination techniques is because I want to get RESULTS. I have linked my identity to getting the best results for the people I work with.

And this means I have no loyalty to any particular brand of belief work. If something came along that out-performed the Lefkoe Method, you can bet I’ll be diving in there to learn all about how to do it. I just don’t see how one can improve on Lefkoe’s work, but I remain open to innovations that can increase the speed, because that is one thing which is not consistent. For some clients we can process 1 belief every 15 minutes, and for others 1 belief every 60 minutes. That’s a wide difference, but the end result is always the same – the complete and total elimination of that belief.

My rating of The Lefkoe Method Level 1 Training:

  1. Effective, 9/10
  2. Scientifically validated, 10/10
  3. How long do results last, 9/10
  4. Value – Price per session, 8/10
  5. Cult Alarm Triggered, No
  6. Overall, 9/10

Do you have the courage to go DEEP?

What do I mean by going deep?

The standard model of professional coaching explicitly teaches coaches to avoid trauma, pain, and the past and to leave that to psychologists and

Regular life coaches focus on the present and the future, which can be a good thing. But what about when that is not enough?

Avoiding going deep and releasing attention stuck in the past, is failing our clients and our highest intention – to help. I like to believe that going deep and processing away trauma and pain, raises the level of consciousness in the person, and at some level, the entire world too.

Using this approach of having courage to go deep and resolve childhood wounds, traumas and upsets, we routinely witness limitations and life problems melt away and new possibilities appear.

The cost of not  going deep enough to find the root cause of the problem, is having the same patterns of thought, emotion or behavior showing up again and again (frustrating both you and your client).

But beware, without the required training, there be dragons!

I would never recommend an untrained person go poking around in someone else’s unconscious mind. You must get trained and face your own dragons before helping someone else, otherwise it could backfire, and you end up causing more harm than good. I’ve seen it happen many times. 

If that does happen, reach out to me and I’ll try to help you sort it out.

DIY Belief Clearing – Core Belief Balance

Another excellent and relatively unknown resource for limiting beliefs is an Australian author and teacher, John Bligh Nutting. He has several excellent books about balancing limiting beliefs, and this knowledge would absolutely be an essential requirement to a professional belief clearers’ library. 

The other part of being excellent at this work is about your presence as a practitioner. In other words, how your session flows from start to finish, how you handle difficulties, and troubleshoot what appear to be unsolvable problems.

There is also the matter of client trust, safety and comfort. You won’t get very far if you don’t have this, and it’s not something you can learn from a book or some online training videos, unfortunately.

So your “beingness” and identity as the coach and leader, which is the psychological and emotional role that you play in the session is also essential to getting great results.

My own journey on this path started in Scientology, and that training was fantastic. In those days, scientology was tightly controlled, but today you can get very similar training from a variety of centers around the world. You’ll need to search online for independent scientology training in your area.

In conclusion: How to become a world class belief clearing practitioner in the shortest time possible?

First read some books and blogs on beliefs, by people that really nkow what they’re talking about:

Morty Lefkoe’s Re-Create Your Life – available on Amazon
Morty Lefkoe’s blog at (this is excellent)
You can also try the free belief session on his website, which works for many people. If that works for you, try the Natural Confidence program which is the online version of fear of public speaking program, similar to the one I did in 2009.

Lion Goodman’s work, if you can find it. I know he has a training course now and the price is up to about $9,000. I’d recommend his older work, which covers the basic theory in a 7 hour audio program you can still buy somewhere online for $297 or so. The belief closet process is interesting and I have used it with some clients and the results were positive. However, I have not kept track of those clients to confirm if the belief elimination was permanent or not.

John Bligh Nutting’s work on belief balancing. Search for him online, he has several websites that all inter link, and you’re looking for the one about beliefs. Core Belief Balance or something like that.

Practitioner beingness training available at independent scientology training centers. You’d be looking for the Auditor training course, and the Communication course.

To be good at clearing beliefs, you also need to experience working with someone on your beliefs, and experiencing as many different techniques so that you have that subjective reality on what each one is. When you have that experience, you earn the right to have an informed opinion, and can make recommendations from a place of honesty. I’d recommend clearing all of your self esteem beliefs and several other beliefs that might prevent you form having the confidence and trust in the process to follow through to success.

Then, when you have the knowledge, you need to practice, practice and practice and develop the skills. I started doing belief session’s for $25 back in 2009, and because of that super low pricing, I was really busy. I remember one Saturday I started early and finished at around 9pm and I’d worked with 10 people that day, 10 one on one sessions, in 12 hours.

That was how I refined my skill and became really good at the belief process. So that’s my recommendation on how to become a Belief Clearing Practitioner.

I hope this helps you make a decision and I wish for you to become the best practitioner you can be, because the world needs more honest, effective and true belief clearer’s.

Make the world a better place and Clear Beliefs.

Share the knowledge :)

Lefkoe Belief Coach
Most of my clients come to me after years of therapy, programs, and coaches from which they have been unable to make significant shifts. They are usually at the end of their ropes, somewhat cynical that change exists, and near giving up on their quests for better.

But after a handful of sessions, they see, like I did, that seismic transformation is attainable.
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Lefkoe Belief Coach
Most of my clients come to me after years of therapy, programs, and coaches from which they have been unable to make significant shifts. They are usually at the end of their ropes, somewhat cynical that change exists, and near giving up on their quests for better.

But after a handful of sessions, they see, like I did, that seismic transformation is attainable.
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