Private Spiritual & Wellness Retreat now available

 in South-West France.

Ready for an intensive experience to make dramatic personal change?

Then join me at my 1 hectare homestead in the south west of France, in Lot-et-Garonne (department 47) between Bordeaux and Toulouse for a private retreat.

Accommodation options:

($100 per night) Private suite (gite) includes double bedroom, small lounge / session room, private kitchen and private bathroom.

($25 per night) Eco-Camping huts - no tent required, with a dry-composting toilet and outdoor shower, and outside kitchen.

Lots of space to walk about between sessions. Cycles available, walk along the river Lot, visit the local churches, and Thursday market is a real treat. Enjoy all things French - bread, croissants, organic local produce, wines, cheeses. A train station is near-by. 

In the summer time, enjoy swimming in the lake and holiday vibes as it gets quite busy here with visitors from all over Europe and the UK.

Typical Daily Routine:

1. Relaxed wake up when you want.

2. Short Meditation and Intentions for the day

3. Choice of breakfast - full English, typical French or your own. Intermittent fasting is supported too, so eating schedules are very flexible. 

4. Session 1: Deep dive into beliefs and Reality Creation

5. Integration time - meditate, further research, walk-about.

6. Lunch (normally salads and dessert)

7. Siesta - after lunch nap or 60 minutes of free time.

8. Session 2: Deep dive into beliefs and Reality Creation

9. Integration time - meditate, further study, walk-about

10. Dinner - eat with us, or do your own thing. 

11. Discuss life, debate, philosophize, and practice the learnings from your sessions with my family until around 9-10 pm.

12. Free time / sleep time.


$500 per day. Recommended duration is 5 days.

Additional days for accommodation with or without meals and sessions, if you want to extend your retreat and take a holiday as well, at a cost of $100 per night.