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by Jonathan Turpin  - January 31, 2009

The Lefkoe Method busts limiting negative beliefs – Chop Chop!

How you can easily get rid of limiting and negative beliefs in about 20 minutes!!

How to Tear Down the Barriers to Your Natural State of Confidence

Almost no one would argue with the fact that self-confidence is key to success in almost any endeavor. People who’ve accomplished great feats in any field—business, sports or any other area of life—owe their accomplishments to the feeling of confidence they bring with them into all they do.

When you have unshakeable confidence, you’ll accomplish all of your goals. Your entire life will change for the better.

You’ll have everything you want in life because you’ll do what it takes to achieve your dreams. You’ll be unstoppable when your confidence rises to new levels.

How Do I Gain Unshakeable Confidence?

To attain rock-solid confidence you only need to do one thing: eliminate the barriers to natural self-confidence.

Let me explain…

When you were very young, you took action over and over again even if you failed. When you were learning to walk, you fell many times but you also kept getting up to try again… and you eventually succeeded at walking.

When you were learning to speak, often no one could understand what you were saying. But that didn’t keep you from trying anyway. Eventually you learned which sounds got you what you wanted and which sounds received no response.

You learned to speak and to walk because you had not yet learned two other things.

You had not yet learned a single limiting belief. You had not learned to say, “I can’t.” Not yet.

And you had not been conditioned to fear failure, criticism or rejection.

These things were not yet a part of your vocabulary. You wouldn’t learn them for many years. But when you did learn them, they seemed to be a part of your very being…

…and it didn’t seem like you could do anything about them.

That is, until now…

For a long time I have been working on a solution that would get dramatic and permanent results. A way for people to change their limiting beliefs and get rid of the painful conditioning that has held them back for so many years.

A way for you to finally become the success you were born to be.

This system is called The Breakthrough Coaching Program and it will give you a genuine state of confidence that will allow you to do and have everything you want in life.

The Breakthrough Coaching Program is based a psycho-spiritual process called the Lefkoe Method, developed by Morty Lefkoe. Psycho-Spiritual is just a fancy word to explain that the process works through the mind, and with YOU, the immortal individual.

Additionally it contains elements of everything that I have studied and found to be useful. That includes NLP, spiritual truths, the latest findings in positive psychology, life coaching and identity processing.

How Does this Program Make Me More Confident?

Remember when I said that to attain rock-solid confidence all anyone has to do is get rid of their limiting beliefs and negative conditioning?

That’s how The Breakthrough Coaching helps you to become more confident. It cuts the chains of the past so you can live more fully in the present.

For example, many people have formed beliefs like “I’m not good enough.”

This belief can be formed from all sorts of setbacks and failures.

Once the belief is formed it holds people back from taking on opportunities they know are right for them (or from even recognizing opportunities that are staring them in the face).

When beliefs like this are gone, your behavior changes. You stand a little straighter, you walk a little taller, you regain that spring in your step and you take action—powerful actions—to achieve your goals.

Breakthrough Coaching helps you identify the 19 specific beliefs Morty Lefkoe has found to limit people in almost every area of their lives. Beliefs that rob you of the confidence you were born with and keep your life from being all it could be.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could seek out and destroy forever each and every common belief that holds you back.

You’d be unstoppable.

How Does Breakthrough Coaching Eliminate My Fears?

Unfortunately, almost everyone is conditioned to fear four situations that you need to be fearless about in order to have the highest levels of success.

We need to be able to face…

  1. criticism and judgment

  2. not meeting others’ expectations

  3. rejection

  4. being the center of attention

…all without fear in order to achieve everything we want in life.

When I say “conditioned” what I mean is that a situation produces fear automatically before you get a chance to think about it. The fear isn’t caused by a belief, in fact, a conditioned fear will persist even when you’ve eliminated all 19 of the core beliefs in my program. That’s why I had to add the modules on eliminating negative conditioning.

Here’s an example of conditioning.

Did you ever hear about Pavlov’s dogs?

Pavlov was a Russian scientist who did a very interesting experiment with some of our canine friends. He would ring a bell, then show the dogs food and the dogs would salivate. Then before their next feeding he’d ring the bell again, then show the dogs food. And the dogs would salivate again. After doing this several times he next rang the bell and did not feed the dogs.

And guess what?

The dogs salivated anyway.

They’d been conditioned to salivate when a bell was rung.

Unfortunately this happens to people as well.

If people experience painful criticism or judgment when they are young, they will tend to fear criticism when they are older.

If they experience painful consequences when they are the center of attention, they’ll fear attention as an adult.

And if they feel threatened when they are rejected early in life, they’ll fear rejection later in life.

Most people live with these painful scars from the past for their entire lives. Because these fears are not caused by beliefs, no amount of positive thinking or intellectual understanding can reduce the burden.

However, these fears can be de-conditioned with the de-conditioning exercises in Breakthough Coaching Breakthrough Coaching helps you break the unconscious connection between fear and any event that stimulates fear in you today. This process only takes minutes and it’s results last for a lifetime.

With Breakthrough Coaching I can help you…

  1. Stop your procrastination

  2. Significantly improve your self-confidence

  3. Get rid of your anxiety in social situations

  4. Stop your fear of rejection

  5. Banish your need for the approval of others

  6. Eradicate your need for perfectionism

  7. Eliminate your high levels of stress

  8. Stop the critical “little voice” in your head

The Cost Will Surprise You

Now you may be thinking that a program this comprehensive, this powerful and transformative has got to be expensive. You’ll find yourself doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Asking for what you want from people… and getting it because of your newfound confidence. Every area of your life will get better.

I know that earlier in my life if someone could have handed me the keys to change, I would have paid any price for them. There were so many things I wanted to be able to do that I just couldn’t do then.

If you’re ready right now to make a decision that will totally change your life for the better, guaranteed, then call or email me now to schedule your first appointment.

Just imagine your life a few sessions from now, totally calm and confident in any situation, achieving all your goals effortlessly and in control as the Creator of your life.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road.

This is your opportunity to get rock solid confidence, permanently for pennies.

To your natural confidence,

Jonathan TurpinTransformational Life CoachLefkoe Method FacilitatorNLP and EFT Practitioner+44 7776 450 597jt@beliefclearing.com/https://beliefclearing.com/

PS Have you ever said “If only…”

If only I were smarter…If only I had more education…If only I’d worked harder when I was younger…If only I was more good-looking…If only I hadn’t passed up so many opportunities…If only I… (you fill in the blank)

…then I’d be more successful.

Of course deep, down inside you know these are just excuses. They come from your limiting beliefs. These thoughts are NOT who you really are.

When you are willing to give up your “if only’s” and really live, simply reply to the email to reserve your place for Breakthrough Coaching.

Call or email me now to schedule your appointment, or if you have any questions…

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Jonathan Turpin

A seasoned and dedicated coach based in the South of France, offering services to clients worldwide on Zoom. With over 20 years of professional experience in the field, Jonathan has had the privilege of working with nearly 300 clients, guiding them towards personal and professional growth.

Driven by a passion for helping others unlock their potential, Jonathan utilizes a variety of coaching methodologies, including cutting-edge techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Lefkoe Method, to help his clients overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their goals.

Jonathan's extensive list of certifications is a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and mastery of his craft. However, it's not the quantity of certifications that sets him apart, but the transformative impact he has on his clients' lives.

Jonathan Turpin's coaching approach is characterized by a deep understanding of human potential. He is not just a coach, but a trusted partner in his clients' journey towards self-improvement and success.

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