Belief Clearing & Coaching

I help traders and entrepreneurs to take control of their default reactions & impulses that lead to emotional trading and self-sabotage, by changing beliefs, developing success habits and becoming a person that consistently does the right thing. 

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Hello, nice to meet you!

I'm Jonathan Turpin, Founder & CEO

Jonathan Turpin is a certified executive coach dedicated to helping traders and entrepreneurs create positive change and achieve their goals. Qualified to Master's level in business strategy and leadership with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and coaching, Jonathan Turpin has honed his skills in areas such as trading psychology & counselling, belief clearing (Lefkoe Method, Clear Beliefs), intentional identity development and the growing science of Future-Self and Flow States. 



We can help you with

Changing the beliefs that cause Emotional Trading and self-destructive behaviors, so you can become one of the top 5%. 

Identify and solve for your personal trading risks 

We assess for 15 self-destructive behaviors and beliefs that cause emotional trading, then we address the root cause.

Deep, subconscious change

Only change made at the sub-conscious level creates permanent change in your thoughts, feelings and emotional responses to triggers.

Develop a genuine support system

We are here to support you in keeping your promises to yourself.

Your plan, your rules, our coaching & accountability system.

Private Coaching

Get 1 on 1 sessions with me on Zoom. 

What can you expect on a call with me?

We'll  review the last weeks trading results, and what triggered you to act in a way that was sub-par for a professional trader.

Each session includes a guided process to create change at the sub-conscious level - either a belief change, internal conflict resolution, or identity shift.

We generally work on your most pressing issue in the moment. 

The time for each session is 75 to 90 minutes on average

Not ready to commit to 1 on 1 coaching?

I host a weekly mastermind session (90 minutes) with a small, curated group of likeminded people that all want the same thing - wealth in all areas of life. 

Book a  free call to to discuss joining the Mastermind group or private coaching.

Working with Jonathan Turpin was a transformative experience. His insights and guidance helped me to gain clarity on my goals and develop a roadmap to achieve them.

Jenny Joubert  

/ Trader

Hear what they say

Incredibly supportive, he helped me to develop a plan of action that felt both achievable and exciting.

Andrew Smith

UI/UX Designer 

I feel grateful to have found such a wonderful coach, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Paul Simons

Financial Consultant

Coaching Packages

Group Mastermind

  • Participation in our live weekly coaching calls. 
  • Focused on your promises, your results and what you've learned in the past week
  • This is a small, EXCLUSIVE group of highly motivated traders and entrepreneurs. Limited to 8 people per call.
  • Your own profile on our coaching and accountability app to track results, journaling, and so much more.



Private Coaching - Weekly 1 on 1

  • Unlimited Email access to Jonathan Turpin
  • Access to Advanced Coaching Processes
  • 4 x One-on-one, deep and transformative Coaching Sessions each month
  • Participation in Live Mastermind Calls
  • Your own profile on our coaching and accountability app to track results, journaling, and so much more.



Start Your Journey Now!

It all starts with a conversation. First call is free to make sure we're a good fit.

My Journey

Around 23 years ago, I found a method of therapeutic coaching that changed my life. Since then I've been practicing as a coach in some way. I found my way into trading after learning about crypto assets, decentralized finance (De-Fi) from one of my clients.

Having spent 23+ years involved with personal development, attending workshops and course, reading a ton of books, and listening to lectures - as well as practices like meditation, fire-walking, breathwork, fasting and similar - I can say without a doubt that becoming a consistent trader was the most intense and deep personal (and spiritual) growth I've experienced.

You know why? Because you can't fake it. If you fake it, you lose money. And you get immediate feedback from trading live, with real money. Which is great. This is the perfect vehicle for going 10x in your personal growth.

Emotional mastery, belief transformation and intentional identity are the foundation of success in trading and entrepreneurship, as has been taught by the greatest minds in coaching psychology. 

Now I help coaches and entrepreneurs take the short cut - save time, avoid the pain of learning the hard way, with the primary goal of becoming consistently profitable as quickly as possible.

The secondary goal is enlightenment, and wealth in every area of your life - My good trader friend Paul G defines success as choices and freedoms: time freedom, location freedom, social freedom and good health.

I live in the south of France, with my wife and 2 kids. We work from home, and enjoy a life of freedom and choices (mostly).  

"I help traders achieve their goals, from the inside out.

Emotional mastery, belief clearing and intentionally creating a the successful traders identity"

  • 2000-2003 - Trained in methods of deep, psychological processes that later became therapeutic counselling and coaching.
  • 2012 - ICF Accredited Training: Certified Business Coach, Certified Executive Coach
  • 2014-2019 - Started a small bookkeeping practice, and grew the company to 7 figures, employing 7 bookkeepers and two Chartered Accountants. I retired in 2019 and gave the business to my wife, who continues to run it today.
  • From 2019 to the present, full time trader and therapeutic coach.
  • I have done too many courses and trainings to mention, and worked with over 200 private coaching clients, and delivered more than 2000 hours of coaching. 

Problems I solve for traders

Here are some of the emotionally-driven behavioral nightmare's that affect most traders at some point, and I want to help you side-step and leap-frog them as much as possible.

Holding on Too Long

Holding onto winning positions for too long, hoping for even higher profits, but risking losing gains if the market reverses.

Or holding onto losing positions for too long because you don't want to admit a mistake and hope the market will reverse in your favor.

FOMO (Fear of missing out)

The fear of missing out on profitable opportunities, causing you to enter trades impulsively without being prepared or having done a proper analysis.

Revenge Trading

Trying to recover losses quickly by taking aggressive positions, leading to more significant losses due to emotional decision-making.

Or not sizing positions according to your rules, going bigger and risking too much.

Anchoring and Confirmation Biases

Fixating on a specific price or level as a reference point, leading to biased decisions when the market moves away from that point.

Or seeking information that supports your existing beliefs and ignoring evidence that contradicts them, leading to biased trading decisions.

Don't suffer with false beliefs and biases that cause loss, pain and misery. Get instant access to my calendar and book a no obligation call to see if we're a good fit.