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Hi, I'm Jonathan. For years I struggled  to make progress with the self-help material I'd bought and the training I had attended. 

Sure, they made me feel good for a few weeks (sometimes a year or two), but my "problems" kept coming back, even after I had "dealt with them". 

Then I found a secret weapon to make them disappear, for good. Now I help others do the same. 

Life could be an amazing adventure: If Only You Can Change Your Beliefs!

Beliefs are the foundation of your reality, and are at the core of every thought, feeling, experience, and decision in your life.

That means beliefs literally create your reality. Negative beliefs that are formed when you were very young, usually before the age of 7, remain hidden from your conscious awareness

That's right - we don't actually know what we believe about ourselves, others or the world, until we inspect them. 

What we do know is how we feel.

These negative, false and limiting beliefs prevent you from showing up in the world as your best self.

In other words, bad beliefs sometimes influence you to do the wrong things and feel bad, while preventing you from doing the right things and feeling good. 

Do you have any of these problems that are caused by limiting beliefs?

  • Phobias, like fear of speaking in public and social anxiety
  • Feeling sad and depressed
  • Feelings of regret and shame, like you missed out or made big mistakes
  • Expressing anger in unhealthy ways like screaming, shouting or hurting others
  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Emotional eating and binging on sweets or cakes
  • Lack of self-worth with regards to earning and making money
  • Undercharging for your services, or not getting paid what you're worth
  • Avoiding risks (and opportunities)
  • Relationship troubles with your kids, spouse, boss, friends or co-workers
  • or something else you don’t like about yourself, others and the world

Don't be discouraged if you have struggled for a long time, despite efforts to solve your problems.

With the right processes and the right person by your side, you can get the results you want.

Is it possible to change a bad person into a good person, in only a few hours?

I worked with a young man, lets call him Joe (not his real name, obviously). 

Joe had developed a set of beliefs that caused him to do things most people would find disturbing. He had no regard for the property of others, and thought nothing of stealing from family, friends, or anyone else. 

As a result, Joe became very unwelcome when people learnt about his behavior. His family and now ex-friends soon closed their doors to him, and he found himself on the street, literally homeless. 

As a homeless person, he would spend time with other people that never did well in life, and learnt even worse behavior from them. He started taking drugs and hurting people to get what he needed to "survive". 

Things weren't looking good for him as his reputation as a bad guy was well known. He was known to the police and at one point was arrested and spent a few weeks behind bars. His family were at their wits-end, not knowing how to help him, and feeling completely hopeless and helpless. 

After I learnt about Joe's situation and how it was impacting his family, I knew for certain that Joe had formed some beliefs that made doing bad things OK. And I knew for certain that I could change his mind about that, and therefore change his behavior for the better.

Well, I got in touch with Joe and we started analyzing what beliefs might cause such behavior. Here is what we found. He felt very strongly that the following statements were true for him:

  1. I'm a bad person
  2. I have to be bad to survive
  3. Good people are weak and get hurt
  4. Bad people are strong
  5. If I don't show others how tough I am, I'll get hurt or killed
  6. I am unwanted
  7. I'm a problem
  8. I'm untrustworthy
  9. I can't earn money and have to steal it or be supported by others
  10. Its not safe to be myself

On top of these beliefs, Joe also had a constant feeling of fear, anxiety and shame. He worried about being killed or shot, and felt that if he didn't change soon, he would not live much longer. 

But he was trapped. He had burned all his bridges with "good people" so to speak, and was trapped on the dark side.

Can you imagine you or someone you love believing this and feeling this way?

In our first session, Joe had a major breakthrough. Through the belief clearing process, he realized and understood for sure that he wasn't bad, but he had done bad things.  And if he stopped doing bad things, he would no longer be bad.

This was the first step towards healing. 

We then processed all ten of the beliefs above in 3 more sessions, and they were no longer true for him at all.

Instantly, his attitude, emotions and behavior all changed for the better, because we had removed the root causes, the beliefs.

His relationship with his family immediately improved. 

He stopped spending time with people that did bad things and took drugs. 

And he gained a new appreciation for taking responsibility for his life, and not making any more excuses. But most importantly, Joe knew that he was in control of his life because he had gained control over his mind, and the meaning he gave to whatever happened to him.

Today Joe is doing better than ever.  He never became a good employee, but started his own business as a teacher and trainer.

I am very, very happy to have worked with Joe because it validated without any doubt, if you change your beliefs, you change your life. 

Joe's story is one of many, but probably the most extreme which is why I share it.

Now you're probably not in the position that Joe was in.

But the feelings of being trapped by your current life can be overwhelming.

Where do you start? 

How can you change right now? 

Can it be as easy as showing up for an appointment

I believe it is, and I'll prove it to you.

When good beliefs go bad: The tale of the "superior" man.

Here is another example of how beliefs can work against you and prevent you from showing up in the world and doing your best.  It's a story of a "superior" man and I think you might know someone just like this...

Let's call him Pete (again, not his real name). I came to know Pete quite well through a business project that we worked on together. One could say that Pete was intellectually gifted, as well as physically fit and strong.

From the outside looking in, Pete's life seemed admirable and successful. He put on a good show of strength at every turn, and you would never see a hint of weakness, fear or pain. He also had the gift of speaking and would tell the most interesting stories about his life, which were indeed very entertaining as well.

But something was off about Pete. Despite his intelligence and charm he was surprisingly friendless and unpopular. I soon found that he was bitter about other people doing well, taking risks, or doing anything different to the way he would have done it. 

He resented that people less intelligent than him were more financially successful than he was. 

Whenever an opportunity came up, with even the smallest risk of failure, he would not take a chance because of the fear of looking stupid or failing.

He had the attitude that he already knew everything about that, and that nobody could teach him anything new. Especially anyone who wasn't as smart as he was, which was almost everybody.

This caused him to avoid connecting deeply and to distrust others. It cost him a fortune in lost opportunities, business deals, friendship and pleasure in life. In fact, he was quite miserable.

I found it quite amusing that he would dismiss and "play down" what was obviously causing him a lot of pain on the inside.

When someone is unable to be vulnerable, like Pete, that person would rather die than show any weakness.  

Admitting any fault or failure would violate his identity as the "perfect" man and as result, he would not accept help from anyone, EVER. 

Can you see how trying to avoid looking like a failure, stupid or weak actually created the reality he didn't want? To the people closest to him, he was a disappointment because they knew his incredible potential was unfulfilled.

This is very painful to see and for anyone to acknowledge. It takes a lot of courage.

I showed Pete some of my client results and explained how his beliefs were sabotaging him and I offered him the help he needed.

You might have guessed it, Pete was not eager to work with me. Not at all, and he refused my offer. 

What beliefs might cause this disastrous pattern of self-sabotage?

  1. I am the best
  2. I am superior
  3. What makes me the best is being smarter/stronger/richer than someone else
  4. I am too intelligent and educated to waste time learning something new

At first glance, these are good beliefs, right?

But, do you see that his self worth was based on others being worse off than him in some way?

It's always a comparison and a competition, and when someone has that as the basis for their self-esteem, it means their good feelings about themselves don't come from within, but rather from validation from others.

And worst of all they feel good when others fail, and they feel bad when others do well. 

And underneath this pattern are the core self-esteem beliefs like:

  1. I am not enough
  2. I am a failure
  3. I'm unlovable
  4. I'm not important
  5. There's something wrong with me
  6. What makes me good enough is having people think I'm great
  7. It's not safe to be vulnerable, reveal myself or be honest

So what happened with Pete? I'll tell you.

One day Pete's wife and I took a long walk together. She asked me about my work and I explained the belief clearing process and the positive experiences of hundreds of past clients.

I gave her a demonstration of how the mind creates our reality through interpretation of events, and how these interpretations cause beliefs to form, which cause all human behavior patterns and emotions. 

The next day, Pete called me and scheduled an introductory session. His wife had convinced him. I asked how she got him to change his mind.

She told him, one day his children will be old enough to recognize that their dad could have been great, but he chose to play it "safe" instead. They will see that he lived small, and that thought was unbearable. 

She had uncovered his greatest fear...

A fear which many have but will not readily admit. He was deeply frustrated by his unfulfilled potential

Do you fear not living up to your full potential?

How does this story end?

After a few sessions we eliminated all of the beliefs above and found the source of the behavior that caused him to avoid risk (and opportunities).

We found that in his early life he had set many goals which he had failed to achieve, and because he had told many people his plans, he was embarrassed when he failed.  This happened many times, so his solution was to not have any goals and to stop trying. That old solution became his biggest problem later in life.

With the limiting beliefs out of the way, he was inspired to set new goals for himself, learn something new and take more risks. He started trading currencies and does very well at that. His income has steadily increased and he's generally much happier. What was once an air of arrogance and superiority has become a pleasing sense of natural confidence.

Most importantly, he is much more open and vulnerable which makes having deep connection with people so much easier, and as a result he feels comfortable in his own skin, no matter what happens. 

What would change like this be worth to you (and your family)? 

So I have told you two stories, one about Joe who accepted and participated all out, because Joe had to change immediately. 

He knew the price of staying the same might be his life.

Pete on the other hand was comfortably self-satisfied, yet miserable. He needed a push from his wife to highlight the future pain if he didn't change.

He would not have died if didn't change, but he might have died with his music still in him if he didn't. 

Don't die with your music still in you. 

Belief Clearing is Only Part of the Solution - How do We Fill the Gaps?

Finding and eliminating your negative beliefs is usually the starting point because you will always act consistently with your beliefs.

In other words, if you believe something is true, you will act that way.

But how do you know what you really believe about yourself, others and the world? 

When you set a very difficult goal, something you really, really want, how do you feel?

Excited, but paralyzed?

That's where we dive in and start investigating your unconscious beliefs. 

This is how we find the HIDDEN beliefs that are unique to you.

With the beliefs out of the way, what do you do now?

What do you do with all that peace, clarity, confidence and power?

Set big goals and achieve them, that's what.


Your Possibilities and Potential are Endless

  • Fear of public speaking and social anxiety? My teacher, Morty Lefkoe, who developed the belief processes I like the most, found 24 beliefs that most people who have the fear of public speaking have in common. I did this program in 2009 and it was highly effective. In fact, it marked a turning point in my life that led to me increasing my income 1000% and growing a multi-7 figure business.
  • Relationship problems? Relationships can be the source of the most joy and satisfaction humanly possible. However, if left unmanaged, can be the source of the most pain imaginable. We can't change what other people do, think or say directly, but when you change your beliefs, how you feel about what others do, think and say will change. And most importantly, how you respond to them - calm and confident, without anger, sadness or fear - their behavior will change too.
  • Rock-solid confidence, motivation and peace of mind. This is what it all comes down to. When you are free from limitation, your natural state is one of inner peace, joy and fulfilment. You take the right actions and progress towards your goals. Life is a game that can be fun when you know the rules and how to play. Being limitless opens the playing field for total fulfilment and living your best life.

The benefits that await you...

  • Increase your income while working less
  • Find love and connection by being yourself and attracting your ideal partner
  • Heal past trauma and childhood wounds that make you feel anger, blame, guilt, shame, or regret
  • Take control of bad habits like smoking, drinking, or binge eating
  • Experience yourself as the creator of your life - limitless, complete, with infinite possibilities.
  • and so much more

What happens after you have cleared your beliefs?

After the beliefs have been eliminated, you decide how you want to reprogram yourself. You see, your mind is like a computer with many software packages installed. Sometimes that software needs to be upgraded, and sometimes you need to delete old programs that are taking up space and causing confusion. 

You may also need to install some new software to create new habits, new beliefs, and new behavior patterns. 

I use a variety of therapeutic processes and counselling skills to help you make the changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so you can get the results you want in life.

Now if you're still with me, GET READY to change right now

Transformation like this takes commitment of time, energy and resources.
While it is true that almost everyone I work with gets the results they want, you'll need courage and determination to push through. 

Are You Wondering About the Cost?

Before you ask what working with me costs, rather ask yourself what is it costing you not to change right now?

How much have your problems cost you so far in missed opportunities, career, love, friendship, happiness and inner peace. 

If you don't change right now, it will continue to cost you.


I've priced my sessions and monthly maintenance program for an easy yes, to make this offer not too much to think about.

If you're a good fit and you know you want this for yourself, it is affordable to get started. 

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