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Mentoring for Professionals

As a trainer and process facilitator, I can guide you through the "model session" of each of these methods so you can experience it for yourself with the aim of becoming a better practitioner, while also reaping the benefits of being on the receiving end of these life-changing processes.

These sessions are only the practical application and not the theory. You will need to study the materials in your own time. 

I can also review the videos of your client sessions and give you feedback on what you're doing right, where you can improve, trouble-shooting, and share insights on solving "unsolvable" case.

I am highly skilled and experienced in the following:

  1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), including:
    • Neuro-Associative Conditioning (Anthony Robbins' version of NLP)
    • Neuro-Semantics (Michael Hall's upgraded NLP)
    • Core-Transformation (Connirae Andreas NLP)
  2. Belief Clearing, including:
    • The Lefkoe Method (Belief Process, De-conditioning Process, Who am I Really? Process, and more)
    • The Belief Closet Guided Visualisation (Clear Beliefs Method by Lion Goodman)
    • My own version of belief clearing which comes from having worked with over 200 clients
  3. Parts and Identity Therapy, including:
    • Voice Dialogue (Hal and Sidra Stone)
    • Internal Family Systems (Dr Swartz)
    • Idenics (Mike Goldstein)
    • The Integra Protocol for Internal Conflict Resolution (Slavinski & Stojakovic)
    • The Satori Protocol Enlightenment Process (Slavinski & Stojakovic)
    • Sub-personality negotiation
  4. Coaching Methodologies
    • Strategic Intervention Coaching (Chloe Madanes and Tony Robbins)
    • General Life Coaching
    • Reality Creation Techniques (Frederick Dodson)

Coaching for non-professionals:

Four options to get started:

1. Single Sessions

Ideal for a quick MindFix to get a new perspective, eliminate a belief, or handle some aspect of your yourself.

2. Guaranteed Result Program

This is exactly what is says. We agree on an outcome and a fee, and I'll work with you until it's achieved.

3. Get into Flow and Healing

This is a self-directed option if you want continual growth and healing, with no specific agenda. We work on whatever you want in the moment, once or twice a week.

3. Reality Creator's Program

My all-in-one coaching program where I give you as much as you can handle.

Is there a guarantee?

I understand it's difficult to make a decision until you've experienced it for yourself. So invite you to get in touch, book a session, experience it for yourself. 

You are covered by two guarantees, so it's completely risk-free to you.

First, if you're unhappy for any reason after your first session, I'll refund you immediately and we part ways - no harm done.

You're also protected by a second conditional "Performance & Results" guarantee, which I'll discuss with you in person.

But right now, I'm not asking you to make any commitments. I'm suggesting that you make an informed decision, and the only way to do that is by trying out the system for yourself.

I'm already at 80% capacity for April/May 2023, so act fast before my calendar get's fully booked.

If you miss out this time, you can still join the waiting list to be notified when a space becomes available again (and delay your success by another 30-60 days?)

You have two choices - you can either leave this page, or get in touch with me - Both options are RISK-FREE, but only one RISK-FREE option will move you further towards your goals over the next 4 weeks. 

Book a free call with me now!

What can Belief Clearing Coaching do for you?

You can expect immediate and long lasting results in any area that you want to work on, such as:

Relationships with family, friends or people you work with

Improvement in your finances - activate the law of attraction for financial abundance

Overcoming fears and phobias

Improved health, fitness and food choices

Some kinds of anxiety and depression

Higher levels of self-worth and self-esteem

Greater confidence in all aspects of life

Increased capacity for success, peace and happiness

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