Dear Prospective Client:

Before connecting with me, please know this work is DEEP and potentially uncomfortable.

When we engage in a project, our sole purpose is to rewrite or delete sub-conscious code and programs that cause your perception, thoughts, feelings, responses, and behaviors.

We work with the full spectrum of unwanted experiences' root causes, including BODY, MIND, and SOUL. 

As such, you must have the inner strength and courage to face the past, present, and future.

So please only apply if you are 100% committed to change.

I'm accepting only 1-2 clients per month. 

What to expect when you join me in co-creating your life by design: 

You can expect a high-energy, highly focused, custom-made program just for you. 

We will connect almost daily via text, email, and my coaching app.

Through the app, you will measure your progress in key areas according to your goals.

We will spend a few hours going deep into your unconscious and unpacking, sorting, deleting, and rewriting your code each week. All deep-clearing sessions are on Zoom, and there is no limit. We do as much as we can with our time, so neither of us is watching the clock. Results and outcome are all that matters.

If you're ready to go beyond knowledge (books, courses, videos) and want to experience something that changes your world and your life, you're looking for TRANSFORMATION, not information.

That's what I offer. Step-by-step processes; I'll be taking you by the hand and ensuring you have the epiphany, the cognition, the A-ha moment that sets you back on course to becoming the trader you want to be.

What I expect from you, as my client:

100% in. No dabbling.

You can have anything you want if you're willing to pay the price - and it's not just the money. It's your time, focus, attention, discipline, habits, honor, courage, and integrity.

That's it.

Is there a guarantee?

I understand it isn't easy to decide until you've experienced it yourself.

Two guarantees cover you, so it's entirely risk-free for you.

First, if you're unhappy for any reason after your first session, I'll refund you immediately, and we part ways - no harm done.

You're also protected by a second conditional "Performance & Results" guarantee, which I'll discuss in person.

Again, if you have tried other coaches and modalities and are still stuck, you know the agony of wasted time, psychological bandwidth, and money. Many clients tell me that while they care about money, they care more about wasting time and eroding hope. You can always get more money, but you cannot get more time.

Let's talk!

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